”Feelings” – Photoshoot

Blue Hope

”With my sweet Masha we’ve decided to take a great photoshoot with head-accessories in Russian style. Head-accessories was made by Chokit Accessories ( couple of designers who are great people )  and style of all models was created by them too. All the process of all photoshoots was unforgettable. All photos were taken for 4 different days in 2 weeks, because of we didn’t have enough spare time. But now all is done and ready for you. Enjoy!”

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Fashion Industry Confessions [CLOSED]

Fashion Industry Confessions - [CLOSED]

” Tumblr-Blog Fashion Industry Confessions has been closed recently. Blogger has been still unknown, but He/She informed us with secret information about influential people in the Fashion Industry. I want to introduce you best 25 quotes from Fashion Industry Confessions”

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Fashion on Instagram: Camouflage – Print

Instagram : Dave_Waldorf

” Items with camouflage-print have been very popular among fashionable people during a few seasons. And This season isn’t exception. Many Fashion Houses have already introduced many thing with camouflage-print. I’ve already had a cool bomber with this print and I want to help you to find something with that. And not to forget to follow me on Instagram : Dave_Waldorf” Continue reading